Fibreglass Shapes

With over ten pre-moulded shapes and sizes to choose from, a Fibreglass swimming pool offers you strength & flexibility, warmer water temperatures and a long lasting smooth quality finish that is maintenance friendly, resulting in enormous cost savings on chemicals.


Benefits of Fibreglass

A fibreglass swimming pool is ideal for all ground conditions, withstanding the most severe ground distortion caused by clay & unstable soil conditions. All our fibreglass pools are installed to engineered specifications, using a steel reinforced concrete ring beam and backfilled with a stabilized river sand and cement mixture.


What are Fibreglass linings?

Fibreglass Linings are ideal for lining your old pool and has a far superior finish compared to other linings. This, in effect, provides a new pool within the old structure, offering a long lasting, low maintenance and attractive alternative to replacement – at a fraction of the cost of a new/replacement pool.