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Quality Swimming Pool Pumps

quality swimming pool pump

Swimming Pool Pump: 1.1kW (0263)

For daily filtration of residential swimming pools, use the following pump and sand filter combinations as a minimum:

  • Use a 0.6kW pump with 2 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 30,000L water
  • Use a 0.75kW pump with 3 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 60,000L water
  • Use a 1.1kW pump with 4 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 90,000L water
  • Use a 1.5kW pump with 5 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 120,000L water

 Tips for selecting a pump:

  • The size of the sand filter determines the size of the pump
  • A bigger pump uses more electricity and does not necessarily equal better water quality
  • More filtration will provide more hygienic water and better water clarity throughout the year

2 Years from date of purchase

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